Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My MISI Shop!

Well, I bit the bullet and signed up to MISI!!

Ok, so I haven't actually put anything in there yet, but it's a start. I managed to find some good info for my delivery and return stuff on the Crafts Forum (cheers peeps!) because I haven't really got that much of a business mind.

I've got a craft fair sorted for Saturday, at the Fishmarket in the centre of Northampton so I'm holding off putting too much stuff on my MISI site until I know what I've got left! I've still got loads of Christmas cards left but I don't think they would sell too well at the moment, so I won't put them on for the sake of making the site look full! I'm going to have a crafty evening (after I've made tea!) so I should have some stuff up there by the end of the week. I keep having a look round at other people's prices, because I don't want to make it too expensive but on the other hand I don't want to look as though I'm giving it away. If anyone has any advice and wants to message me, feel free!

So a lot of my cards at the moment have hearts all over them in preparation for February 14th, I like to keep them quite simple so they appeal to a wider variety of people (I've even had positive feedback from my Dad!!).

I got some great thick, pink handmade paper which I've managed to use a lot of but it was just so pretty that I couldn't stop myself - it looks so nice that I could always try and make a dress out of it for a female birthday card

Ok, so you might have guessed that I'm no Bill Gates. I'm struggling a bit adding my photo's - I tried to use the picasa thingy, but it wouldn't add the slideshow to my blog. I've got my images on a memory stick so I'll add them bit by bit. If you have any feedback on them, I'd love to hear what people think.

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