Friday, January 30, 2009

It's the weekend, get in!!

Oh, you would not believe how happy I am that it's nearly the weekend! This week just seems to have dragged on forever.

I've got a craft fair tomorrow, but I don't have to be there to set up until 11am, so it means that I can have a nice lie-in - unless I wake up ridiculously early panicking that I don't have enough stuff to sell! Anything that I do have left over will be put onto my MISI site, so that will keep me occupied on Sunday!

I've managed to pick up some lovely patterned paper over the last few weeks, so I'm putting it all to good use. I've found that The Works (the cheapy bookshop) has started stocking more crafty stuff, escpecially good for card-making and scrapbooking and it's much cheaper than Hobbycraft - even the local stationers is cheaper than Hobbycraft! I admit that they don't have the same range of products that Hobbycraft have, but I just can't believe how ripped off I feel when I look at the difference in price - plus crafters get a 10% discount on certain lines, whic is a bit of a Brucie bonus!

Maybe I should club all my 10% savings together and use it to pay off the mistake that I made yesterday! I went on Ebay to try and find some paper bags to use when I'm at a craft fair for people to put their purchases in and I found some fairly cheap near enough straight away. I'd had a look before and couldn't find anything so, before I though anymore about it, I clicked on the 'buy it now' button. Thinking no more of it I went through to the Paypal bit, and wondered why they'd charged me over £15 (the bags cost £9.95). Yes that's right, they've charged me £5.95 p&p for a normal 1st class delivery. Is it just me, or is that a complete rip-off?! Obviously I couldn't cancel the order because I'd get bad feedback as a buyer, but I certainly won't buy from them again in the future.

Sorry, rant over! I'll make sure I update this over the weekend and I should get confirmation of my MISI domain status today, so there'll be a new link to look out for!!


  1. wow that seems alot for p and p where is it coming from?

  2. I'm not sure to be honest - but I know it's somewhere in the UK. Teaches me that I should read things before I press any buttons in the future!!