Monday, February 09, 2009

Is it really Monday again???!

Oh, I wish it was still the weekend!!!
The snow has really messed up my plans for the last couple of days, but I was hoping for a bit more so I could have an extra day off work!! I battled the elements Thursday and Friday to get into work on time, only to be sent home.
It was my birthday on Saturday, and I had a big night out planned, and the snow completely ruined that. It just seems that the whole country comes to a complete standstill as soon as we have the smallest amount of snow, which is totally pathetic.
Sorry, rant over!!!

I suppose I could've used the time off productively, by making a few cards and getting more items posted on MISI, but I chose to get out there and make snowme - or I stayed in the warm and caught up with the goings-on on Neighbours and Home and Away!
I've got a few cards that I need to get made for the next couple of months - including a new baby girl card for my Godfather's new Grandaughter!!
I'm going to try and get to the gym after work, and then I'll crack on and get the cards done.

Hope the weather hasn't affected you guys too much x

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