Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Me again!

Well, bang went my plans of keeping up to date with my blog.
Things over the last few weeks just seem to have gone belly up!
Work is a pain, I've got loads of cards to make and no time to make them, and I've split up with the boyfriend...... crap!

I did a craft fair last night, which was fairly quiet - just about managed to cover the table cost. It was great for hints and tips though - I got chatting to Claire from the Craft Forum (ladyluckjewellery) and we're going to look into doing shared parties, and she's got a few avenues where I might be able to get my cards into. She's also going to put me in contact with other crafters in the Northamptonshire area, so hopefully I can get a few more sales etc through them.

I've developed some new cards, which I need to get photographed so I can put them on Facebook and then get them up on MISI. They're similar to what I already do, but new colours and different papers that I've managed to get my hands on.

Ooh, on the subject of MISI, I had my first sales the other day!!!! A couple of people off the Forum bought stuff, which is great. Got to get them posted out today after work.

Right, I've got enough off my chest now, so I'm off to do a small portfolio of photos that I can show people.


  1. Look forward to the pics! Well done with your sales, I hope all works out with the party planning too! great idea. :) Sarah x

  2. Welcome to the exhausting world of doing a full time job along with crafting and doing craft fairs!! There's not enough hours in the day!

    Thanks for the card for my Mum for Mother's Day - its perfect. I've left you a message on the Craftsforum!



  3. THat's ok Anne - I think I missed your message on the Forum, but I'll have a look around. x